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Is graduated in Electronic Engineer at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno. Actually he is a PhD Student in Informatics Engineering at the same University. He collaborated with the CRMPA, Nestlè and University of Salerno  on web innovative solutions for communication and e-learning. His research activities related to several initiatives financed by the EU.

He is co-author of scientific papers on Web, New Media, Rights of New Media, Privacy and Web, RfiD Systems for Logistic and Medical Traces.

Currently, he is webmaster and web coordinator at University of Salerno, and teaching assistant on Law Informatics and New Media.  He was researcher on Informatics Rights at University of Sannio (Benevento).

He is editorial manager of Translational Medicine @ UniSa (Journal of Medicine of University of Salerno)  and of Jmeid@UniSa (Journal of Mechanical Engineering of University of Salerno).

He is a journalist and writes about new technologies, rights, privacy and new media.