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Antonio Martone

Antonio Martone


Antonio Martone was born in Benevento (1962) and teaches Political Philosophy and Political Anthropology at the University of Salerno.

He graduated in Political Science at "L'Orientale" University and he became a "research doctor"

at the University of Pisa. He has made several study-trips abroad and has been involved for years in important research initiatives. In Naples, he has long taught at "L'Orientale" University, as well as at the Federico II University.

Many of his writings have appeared in collective texts and in specialized magazines: on paper and online. Antonio Martone is a member of the steering committee of "Political Philosophy" (il Mulino) and of the important international association "Filosofia in movimento" (FIM).

Among his volumes: An ethics of nothingness. Freedom, existence, politics, Liguori 2001; History, philosophy and politics. Camus and Merleau-Ponty, La città del sole 2003; The roots of inequality. The power of modern, Mimesis 2011; ECity. Anthropology of technology, Rubbettino 2011.

Martone's intellectual figure is rich and articulated - very difficult to reduce within gender labels or disciplinary fences. His copious scientific production is nourished by heterogeneous contributions coming from different disciplinary fields but strongly united by unitary research lines, extremely consistent and continuous over the years.

The wide-ranging investigation of modern subjectivity, in addition to the anthropological-political condition of man in a contemporary world dominated by technology, has long been the fundamental horizon of his research.