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Giorgio Giannone

Giorgio Giannone

is Ph.D. candidate in "Comparative Law and Human rights" at the University of Salerno.

In 2006 he gets the Bachelor's Degree in Law Sciences (Cum Laude) at the University of Palermo.

In 2009 he gets also the Master's Degree in Law with a Thesis entitled "Contractual Justice between solidarity and market".

In 2005 he gets at the Georg August Universität of Göttingen the "Erasmus Zertifikat" in Civil Law with a term paper about "Liquidated damages in German law", valued with "Excellent".

Teaching assistant  in Private Comparative Law and Information and Communication Comparative Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Salerno, and Multimedia Communication Law at the Academic course in Communication Science (Faculty of Literature and Philosophy).

He is member of the Foreign Jurisprudence section of the Comparative Law review "Comparazione e diritto civile", directed by Prof. P.Stanzione (www.comparazionedirittocivile.it)

He is also "Senior author" of the blog "Medialaws", Comparative Media Law Blog (www.medialaws.eu) directed by Prof. G.M. Riccio and O. Pollicino.

He has written articles in Italian and international reviews. His main research interests concern Information and Communication Law, Copyright Law, Tort Law, Comparative and European Private Law)

Foreign Languages known: English and German.